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Scottish Pike by Tankred

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Submissions

These are my Scots Pike painted by Tankred – inspiring.



The following images were submitted by Mark Thorp. He’s done an extraordinary job of recreating the POW camp complete with interior building details all scratch built, based on my pdf building templates.

Mark has correctly given the scene a wintery look, unlike in the movie which was incorrect. Awesome job.

25-IMG_0177 24-IMG_0172 22-IMG_0169 21-IMG_0160 19-IMG_0155 16-IMG_0151 15-IMG_0150 12-IMG_1527 11-IMG_1525 09-IMG_1522 07-IMG_1519 06-IMG_1518 05-IMG_1516 04-IMG_1515 03-IMG_1514