Heavy cart horse

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Sculpting


This shows the process of bulking up wire to make the legs on a horse. I’m using milliput (standard grey) for several reasons, milliput sets harder than green – which I want for casting, and also it just blends and smooths very easily.


Having added wire for the leg armature (I’m using a fairly soft wire that I found in a DIY store ‘Homebase’) the muscle masses are added simply and then shaped using rubber tip clayshaper and a licked finger to blend into the body.



I’ve done horses often enough now to bend the wire fairly accurately by eye, but for beginners my tip which I still use when making a horse in a different scale is to google for an image of a horse from the side and also for a horse skeleton image – and print those out at the desired size. You can the trace the wire on the paper to match the legs on the image.







  1. Tankred says:

    Really good tips in this article. I will give Milliput another try.

  2. eBobminis says:

    Milliput handles very differently from greenstuff – but for this job I like it, I especially like that to add a muscle to the shoulder for example – you can simply add a bit of putty – lick your finger and smooth it in – very easily – and it sets hard very fast under a warm lamp.

  3. Marc says:

    Your horses really are great and this is the best one to date! Excellent stuff and helpfull article-thank you!

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