Iwo Jima flag raisers

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Projects


This is the Revell 1/72 Iwo Jima kit, actually a re-release of the Esci kit.
A little bit of background.. I wanted to build a new army of US Marines for the Pacific edition of the boardgame Memoir’44, and it just seemed essential to have the Iwo Jima figures to complete the set, and I figured a good way to actually use them would be when one of the infantry units takes an objective marker.

To that purpose I needed the figires based on a hex tile, but I also wanted them to look good on the shelf where in fairness they will spend most of their time. So first job was to create a base but with the summit able to be removed as a hex tile.

First job was to find a nice plinth base – this came from a charity shop for £2 and came complete with a porcelane robin redbreast which was removed and handed back to the bemused shop assistant. Armed with a cool base – the hill was created simply with expanded polystyrene cut to shape with a hot knife and plastered with wall filler to harden the surface – a hex cut from plastic card is made to fit on the top and the surface textures blend to match. Scraps of twigs and dirt extracted from the garden border are fixed to the surface with PVA and sprayed black.

The figures themselves are not very good. They look skinny, the helmets are not great and assembling is frankly a nightmare. There’s no easy way to assemble them so they all hold the flag pole, so what I did was to assemble them loosley with liquid plastic glue (which does leave the joint soft for a while) and then fiddle like buggery with them resetting the amrs with the liquid poly until I had them jammed into the right position – not easy! For the pole by the way, I’m using a bit of steel wire rather than the plastic one from the kit.

From the image below you can see the amount of putty (the green colour) I skimmed over the figures to cover the joins at the shoulders and generally to improve the look of the figures – the details and drapery on these is very soft.


Once the figures were set in the right position – they were sprayed black – then sprayed green using a can of aerosol Humbrol green (which helped lots because painting inbetween the figures would be very hard with a brush alone.

The flag comes as a decal – which is perplexing, for a good while I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it. A decal alone would be much too fragile. I normally print flags out on paper – but I realised I could use the decal, I painted PVA glue on the edge of thin piece of paper – wet the decal and stuck it to the paper – wrapping it around the side and sticking the other side of the decal to the back of the paper again with PVA to fix it. then, while still wet – cut the flag out and folded it to look similar to the one in the photo – once the PVA is set the flag is set hard and it can be glued to the pole.



That’s it really, in summary – I really love this piece, it’s perfect for what I wanted – but the kit is really hard to assemble and not recommended, I really only used it as an armature and it was £9! but I do love it.


  1. roma says:

    Sono impressionato dalla qualità delle informazioni su questo sito. Ci sono un sacco di buone risorse qui. Sono sicuro che visiterò di nuovo il vostro blog molto presto.

    • eBobminis says:

      Roma wrote;
      I’m impressed by the quality of the information on this site. There are a lot of good resources here. I’m sure I will visit again your blog very soon.

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