Siege of Fray Bentos

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Projects

1/72 scale Mark IV 'Fray Bentos'

This model represents the story surrounding the tank named ‘Fray Bentos’ which became ditched during the battle for Passchendale. It’s worth reading the story which you find here..

Siege of Fray Bentos

After reading the story I became posessed with the urge to make a diorama to represent the story. I chose to use the 1/72 kit by Emhar and the figures are by Caesar, one – the guy priming the grenade is actually a Ww2 figure, I needed the pose.

The base was shaped from polystyrene using a heated knife and then coated with wall filler to harden the surface. The ‘mud’ is cocoa powder stuck on with PVA and then sprayed with varnish to help fix, this also produced the patchy colours quite nicely. The mud on the thanks and sides of the tank is also cocoa powder.

The water was simply plaster of Paris, poured in and left to set, then painted brown in a patchy uneven tone, and then coated with gloss varnish.



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