eBob Miniatures – eBlog!

Hi, most people know me as ‘eBob’ (which stands for electronic Bob – like email and eBook). I’m a miniature sculptor mainly concentrating on 28mm wargaming miniatures, but I also turn my hand to any scale from 10mm up to 120mm – I guess I could go larger or smaller, I’ve just never been asked.


This is my first attempt at using WordPress, so please bear with me, I’m still experimenting, but the plan is that this blog will not only cover my own sculpting but will also include models that I may be making just for fun, so it will include miniatures and kits from other manufacturers and not just eBob Miniatures.

If you connect to me on Facebook (you’ll find me if you search for ebob miniatures) that’s where I usually first post new images of anything I’m working on.

I’m probably best known for my horses. Many of the 28mm manufacturers use my horses including Warlord Games, Empress Miniatures, Musketeer, Black Scorpion and loads of others.


  1. Welcome to the Blgosphere! I like a lot your work, and I´m awaiting your Vietnam War figures and, also, those you are making for Radio Dishdash.


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